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We are for the interested and the interesting; the open-hearted and the open-minded. We work behind the scenes to match members with mutual interests and shared passions โ€“ and all our experiences are restricted to very small group numbers.


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Dave Burk


This group is sharing what they are currently working on. What are you writing at the moment? Where do you find inspiration?

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Happening now


What art speaks to you? Why?

๐Ÿ—“ Wednesday, 5PM

Led by:
Sarah Conner


4 Weeks Class on writing fiction

๐Ÿ—“ Starting June 8th

Led by:
Peter McCintosh


What relationships lasts, why?

๐Ÿ—“ Monday, 4PM

Led by:
Arthur Hogword
Learn live together with experts in groups of 5-10


Explore a wide variety of poetry techniques to write about the places that fire your own imaginations. Youโ€™ll discover certain places live in your breath and bones, informing and shaping who you are. Expect to write multiple poems. All levels welcome.



Join this 3 week conversation series to learn more about how compassion is a super power by sharing your own experiences and reflections. Practise some of what you have learned by taking kindness to the self and the other.

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Four-weekly classes with 10 learners, where you join discussions and do practical exercises. The workshop is a tool box holding 8 journaling writing skills that lead to a deepened understanding of ourselves and our relationships.

Write your story

Write your story of home

Writing class on: Whatโ€™s behind our mysterious attachment to the home? Simply put, making a home is what makes us human. Itโ€™s where we forge our identity, build our culture, hone our creativity and establish our most important relationships.

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What members are saying
It is much more fun to learn in a collaborative environment. To have access to our Leap Leader and fellow learners in real time versus doing it with a tutorial online or in a large group. I love the entire concept.
Michelle. California. USA

Leap Leaders

Our activities are hosted by our hand-picked Leap Leaders โ€“ trusted experts and facilitators, who are curious, challenging and fun.

Go wide and deep with discussion and reflection, and give thoughtful feedback.

Just like you, they are part of Leap to learn, grow and engage in conversations and classes โ€“ and they thrive in our small group settings.


Janet Hubbard

There is truly no one like Janet. She started of her career in publishing in Manhattan and later moved to writing twenty non-fiction books. She calls herself a late-bloomer fiction writer and loves sharing this passion with others. She runs in real life workshops in Wyoming and France and online here with us at Leap.


Valerie Andrews

Valerie Andrews is the Chief Storyteller and founder of Reinventing Home, a magazine about the inner life of home. She's also the author of A Passion for this Earth: Exploring a New Partnership of Man, Woman and Nature and a forthcoming book, Home as Sanctuary.


Mary Reynolds Thompson

Mary is author of the award-winning โ€œReclaiming the Wild Soul.โ€ A facilitator of poetry and journal therapy and certified life coach, she helps people discover and live their Wild Soul Story so they can bridge the false divide between outer and inner nature, Earth and Self, and become fully creative, connected and alive.


Cliff Hakim

Author-Artisan-Social Innovator Cliff Hakim, has written the book WALK IN MY SHOES, The Path to Empathy and Compassion. Cliff is the definition of a renaissance man with a long career as an executive coach, founder of aritsan business Inspired Stones and author; he has worn many shoes.

About us

We believe that life is happier and more interesting when we experience it together with others. That's why we started Leap, to build real social connections online.

Leap is a place for learning and conversations with people who share your interests. We connect people with shared interests in small groups in live settings. We meet over video, over phone, and hopefully within not too long in real life. Our members come from all over the world and are united in their growth mindset through learning and meaningful conversations.

Who are we?

Caroline and Vishal are life long learners who met in San Francisco at South Park Commons. They are tied together by their interest in meaningful connections, learning and belonging. They also like hanging out, going for walks and talking about everything and nothing.

Caroline Ingeborn, CEO

Caroline used to run a kids company called Toca Boca. Her favorite Leap Chats are on relationships and she loves learning about almost anything (yep, she is one of those...!). If she has to choose it is split between the second world war and design.

Vishal Kapur, CTO

Vishal previously co-founded Screenhero, a video collaboration tool (acquired by Slack). When he is not building Leap he likes learning about complex systems, new technologies, and spiritual wisdom. His favorite topic to talk about is how we can live better lives.

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