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Our experiences are led by experts and limited to fewer than ten people. Just tell us what you're passionate about and we'll work behind the scenes to match you up with members who share your interests. Prepare to learn, talk and connect.

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What members are saying
“My Leap class was much smaller than all the other classes that I have taken online. Because it was a more intimate group, I got to really hear what people had to say and made proper connections. A few of us stayed in touch after the class was over, which I really loved.”
— Michelle, California
“I have been full of energy since I finished my last Leap conversation! Everyone in the group came with different perspectives so we really learned from each other.”
— Chris, Boston
“When you do classes like this in person, you get to meet your classmates, so I had my reservations about doing things this way. But because Leap experiences are so small and intimate, I got to know people individually as the weeks went by.”
— Marie, Portland
Our Experiences
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Poetry in Motion

This six-week class hosted by award-winning writer and poet Mary Thompson explores a variety of poetry techniques and applies them to the subject of place – how and why do certain places live in your breath and bones, shaping who you are? Expect to write and unpick multiple poems.


The Power of Kindness

Join Cliff Hakim, author of Walk in My Shoes, on a series of three chats delving deep into the subject of kindness. Learn and explore more about the power of compassion and brainstorm specific ways you might become kinder to yourself and others.


On the Same Page

Join nine other writers from across the globe on this four-week workshop building journaling skills. In the process, learn to understand yourself and your relationships better, while broadening your ability to write in your own, unique voice.

Write your story

Home and our Hearts

Are you a natural nester or a vagabond? When did you last feel homesick and why? The founder of Reinventing Home magazine, Valerie Andrews, hosts a six-week class examining our deep attachment to home through journal writing and conversation.

We are Leap
Who and where are your fellow members, and what are they doing right now?

Sophia, San Francisco

Home and our Hearts


David, London

The Power of Kindness


Herbert, New York

Home and our Hearts


Carolyn, Oregon

On the Same Page


Kirk, Atlanta

Home and our Hearts


Michelle, Vancouver

On the Same Page

Leap Leaders

Our experiences are hosted by our hand-picked Leap Leaders – trusted experts, who are curious, fun and supportive.

Just like you, they are part of Leap to learn, grow and engage in conversations and classes – and they thrive in our small group settings.


Valerie Andrews

Home and our Hearts

Valerie Andrews is a writer, author and scholar of Jungian psychology. She is also the creator of Reinventing Home, a magazine celebrating the concept of home as sanctuary.

“As a book and magazine editor, I have never met a topic I couldn’t warm up to. There’s a beautiful mystery at the heart of everything.”


Mary Reynolds Thompson

Poetry in Motion

Mary is an award-winning author and runs writing and poetry workshops, including The Wild Scribe, focused on our relationship to nature and place. She also coaches other writers via her company, Write the Damn Book.

“In a world that is increasingly about good and evil and black and white, poetry holds the tension of paradox.”


Cliff Hakim

The Power of Kindness

Cliff Hakim is the author and illustrator of Walk in my Shoes: The Path to Empathy and Compassion. He is based in Boston.

“The river that runs through me is all about ideas, innovation and creativity.”


Janet Hubbard

Finding Your Voice

Janet is an author, editor and teacher. She has been running fiction writing workshops for over a decade and lives in Vermont.

“Even when I teach, I am teaching to learn.”

About us

Leap is a social learning community which connects writers, storytellers and creatives via conversations and classes. We are for the interested and the interesting; the open-hearted and the open-minded. Our culture is community-led and proudly personal; we work behind the scenes to match members with mutual interests and shared passions – and all our experiences are restricted to very small group numbers.

Leap was founded in San Francisco by Caroline Ingeborn and Vishal Kapur, serial entrepreneurs who shared a desire to create a destination for people to learn, talk and connect online.

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